NYT: #Schauble wanted to impose capital controls in #Greek #banks

How New York Times revealed that Schauble wanted to impose capital controls in Greek banks, but the world never heard it

Hopeful Start to Greek Debt Negotiations Quickly Soured http://nyti.ms/1LHa3Td

Nikos Kotsikopoulos

The German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble , is the one who wanted to impose capital controls on Greek banks , as clearly reveal , the New York Times in a story published in web page but not on the front page of the newspaper the day after.

The revelation exposes the whole structure of the Eurozone. It also reveals that the European Central Bank's role, is not to protect the currency and the banking system, but more of a company's board which receives commands from the strong shareholder, who controls it over the management board , ordering sometimes technocratic analyzes that confirm the outset desired conclusion.

The strongest newspaper in the world, had a hot story about the man who wanted to freeze withdrawals from savers Greeks and apparently succeeded.

View referendum about their fate , it sowed fear despair and misery to millions of unhappy poor Greeks, tens of thousands of companies in Greece broke up trade and tourism and the banks brought a breath away from the brink of disaster, even if they are solvent .

Deal hunger to elderly and families without withdrawal card, although they had some small savings,  with competent not having thought of a way to serve.

The same person  W.  Schaeuble, pushes Greece- without  the financial liquidity-  out of the euro zone, dissolves the trading system to the euro and,  causing a resounding NO of the Greek people against the unjust ultimatum misery he and his team have addressed ,  brings destruction to markets , economies and puts the euro in danger.

Another powerful magazine, FT reveales that he "sees opportunities from the crisis and Europe can be stronger if Greece leaves"...
The statement of Social Democrat spokesman Carsten Schneider,  that  Schaeuble thinks it is better for EZ and Greece to leave, disclose the true despite hagiography article.

This is the same Europe with the same currency and the free movement of which, have invested around the world and in accordance with new front page headline,  "The future comes into doubt by the Greek NO”.

How appropriate it may be this man, for the position?

Learned a shadow role behind the powerful Chancellor Merkel, W. Schauble maintains in Germany and Europe a strong background role.  Specifies the decisions of an informal instrument of European finance ministers (Eurogroup), not the elected leaders of the Eurozone States, or the EU nor the commissioners (Ministers) of the European Union.

On one side, is W. Schäuble  and the finance ministers of the countries.  On the other side peoples  of  Europe.  

The haircut of Greek debt, although IMF and Christine Lagarde wanted, was not done.

In the same New York Times report , the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis , indirectly causing Christine Lagarde : " Can the IMF to formally declare that the Greek debt is sustainable if we sign this proposal? "
Lagarde throws the ball to Schäuble : " Yanis has a point here”.

The president of the Eurogroup, Ntaiselmploum interrupts:  "Yanis if you keep putting debt issue we will never reach an agreement ..."

These juicy revelations are in reportage of New York Times. With a difference. The requirement Schaeuble for capital controls is absent, from all reports the next day given in Athens. What has happened?

Perhaps the small print underneath the story to explain : A version of the article appeared on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

"A version of this article appears in print on July 3, 2015, on page A1 of the New York edition  with the headline: Hopeful Start to Greek Talks Quickly Soured".

Surprisingly it resembles another story. The debt issue is not entered on the proposals of the creditors , although the IMF wants . An IMF report days later, will reveal that the debt should be mowed and become an extension of the redemption period , in order to become sustainable.

The IMF will publish this report , despite blocking pressure from the Europeans, according to Reuters .

There is nothing else that would like to test themselves " Europeans" . Those who believe that if you bruise the ability of a people to generate income and increases the debt with another loan against the terms of the further reduction of payment possibilities, it is sustainable ?

Eventually, Republic in Europe itself is sustainable ?


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