Complete List of 2010 Digital Ellies Winners

The categories and finalists for the National Magazine Awards for Digital Media 2010 are:

General Excellence, Digital Media
Recognizes editorial achievement in magazine websites and online-only magazines

New York

Mobile Media
Honors the outstanding use of mobile media, including mobile websites, mobile applications and electronic readers


Design, Digital Media
Honors the appearance and usability of magazine websites and online-only magazines

Photography, Digital Media
Recognizes the use of photography that demonstrates the unique capabilities of digital media

National Geographic

News Reporting
Honors the timeliness, accuracy and skill with which news and information are gathered and presented by magazine websites and online-only magazines.

Virginia Quarterly Review

Recognizes excellence in online reporting, commentary and criticism in the form of a blog

Foreign Policy

Regular Department or Section
Recognizes the distinctive voice and unified design of a department or section of a magazine website or online-only magazine

Sports Illustrated

Multimedia Feature or Package
Recognizes the imaginative use of interactivity and multimedia in the presentation of a single story or editorial package

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Interactive Tool
Honors the outstanding use of interactive tools that enable users to create or share content, participate in communities, improve the quality of their lives or enjoy recreational activities

Men’s Health

Honors outstanding audio podcasts on a magazine website or online-only magazine

Tablet Magazine

Honors videos or video series in support of other website content or as independent news and feature stories

Yale Environment 360

Honors the use of proprietary content, interactive technology and social media to establish and sustain user communities

National Geographic


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