25 Things I've Learned About Journalism

>>>25 Things I've Learned About Journalism

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1. There is no such thing as a small story, only small thinking.

2. Sources always call back well after the story has run.

3. A cop is harder to interview than a criminal.

4. Someone somewhere will always be upset about any given story I've written.

5. Behind every good reporter is a good editor (or three).

6. Good headphones are a great investment. Unless you let someone borrow them.

7. Breaking news will always happen 20 minutes before shift is over.

8. White balancing is my friend.

9. Business and sports reporting are the hardest beats to cover unless you have a passion for them.

10. Journalists plagiarize each other more than they do outside sources.

11. Never stand downwind from a fire.

12. The small market television news reporter is the original backpack journalist.

13. Beat reporting is cyclical.

14. Nothing beats an old fashioned pen and notepad.

15. There is a 75 percent chance that I will have recorded bad audio.

16. Most journalists aren't the heartless bloodsuckers the public thinks we are.

17. You can't always fix it in post.


19. Scientists and journalists speak two different languages.

20. Make it to the scene before the TV reporter.

21. There is no such thing as "unbiased."

22. It's better to get off the phone and out of the office.

23. A deadline web project will always take two hours longer than I think it will.

24. If journalism becomes a chore, find a new profession.

25. Always keep a spare battery.


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