#grfires by x-psilikatzoy

Dear friends, we finally did it! You are about to live the absolute myth in our country next summer!
Oh don't be sad now, next summer is only a few months away. After all we have to prepare all those gorgeous villas and hotels and beautiful houses built literally by the sea, on our magnificent beaches or inside rare National Parks like Partnitha!

Our New-Democracy-5-year-plan has managed to burn down half of Pelloponesse, Euboia, Zakynthos, Chalkidiki and a great number of other useless villages and forests getting on the way of your dream vacations and of course, our dream profits.

Just for your reassurance, you can watch our works live on BBC right now or in every big news network. With the help of the godsend strong winds we're clearing all areas around Attica, like Stamata and Grammatiko and Varnavas, even Agia Paraskeyh! Also in a few hours, if gods send us more winds, we'll continue clearing the exotic Penteli at last!

Additionally, we have a huge surprise for you: we've burned down Marathon too! Pretty soon this ancient historic place will be totally yours to visit, stay, play golf, get as much wasted as you like and buy the (expensive) house of your dreams! Unfortunatelly Olympia is not ready. Yet.

And please, don't be carried away by the screams and cries of the villagers that loose their lives trying to save their useless homes and families. We've prepared elections for them next month, the survivors will soon forget everything and with a 3.000 euros check they will even vote for us again! Been there, done that. Really, no harm done.

See you soon, you dreamy future greek lovers!



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