( Like suing Google! )

...a Greek information and RSS aggregation website – was shut down and its administrator, Antonis Tsipropoulos, was sued for a blog entry that appeared on the aggregation pages – originating from another blog.

Effectively this is like suing Google for the results it yields.

A public person (Antonis is not releasing potentially sensitive details yet) has sued for libel and obscene/ satirical content. This person was satirised through the pages of some other blog, which was registered in the directory of and in the RSS flow.

Antonis got a visit from the police officers of the Electronic Crime Team and the public prosecutor. His hard disk was taken and he was arrested. Under police escort his was led to the Central Security Police Station in Athens. He also stayed overnight in a detention room. The next day he was led in front of the Public Prosecutor in handcuffs.

It is the first time that an aggregating website is prosecuted for content that belongs to another website.

Any user of the internet knows that a website like blogme exists as a collection of information. The users also understand that blogs are personal webpages were people express themselves – and each persons’ blog is their own responsibility.

Also note that the blog with the allegedly insulting content does not only appear in blogme but in several Greek aggregators. None of those was sued apart from blogme. Antonis nevertheless stresses that he is not advocating suing every other website that includes content of links to the allegedly insulting blog.

All of the above is translated from Greek. Please find the original here.
It is impossible for me to know details or facts at this time so please keep in mind that I am translating.

On a personal note I believe Antonis – not least because a similar ‘misunderstanding’ has happened between an artist with an internet project and the Greek Police. [see details here and here]

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Like suing Google!

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