Trolls again

Η «ανάλυση» που υποσχέθηκα στο Troll (New) Alert! Αργεί.
Στο μεταξύ βρήκα αυτό:

The definition on Ward Cunningham’s Wiki says it best:

A troll is deliberately crafted to provoke others with the intention
of wasting their time and energy. A troll is a time thief.
To troll is to steal from people. That is what makes trolling
Trolls can be identified by their disengagement from a conversation
or argument. They do not believe what they say, but
merely say it for effect.
Trolls are motivated by a desire for attention by people and
can’t or won’t acquire it in a productive manner.
Someone may be insufferable, infuriating, fanatical, and an
ignorant idiot to boot without being a troll.
Also note that a troll isn’t necessarily insulting, snide, or
even impolite. Only the crudest, most obvious, forms of
trolling can be identified so easily.
If you find yourself patiently explaining, at length and in
great detail, some obscure point to someone who isn’t even
being polite to you, then you are probably being trolled.

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