Today in Media History: War news from 100 years ago today

The war in Europe was in the news 100 years ago today, especially the sinking of the HMS Hawke by a German submarine.

New York Evening World, October 16, 1914

Bryan (Texas) Daily Eagle and Pilot, October 16, 1914

Other war news from a century ago:

“The past week of the western campaign has seen the most decisive fighting since the Battle of the Marne….Russia must have by now at least 2,600,000 men in the field and the Austro-German forces can hardly exceed 2,000,000. However, numbers alone will not decide the issue; the efficiency of the artillery, cavalry and aerial scouting will play a far larger part in the final result.”

Yale Daily News

October 16, 1914

“Fighting in Belgium,” American Press Association / Yale Daily News Image

The following silent newsreel is filled with many French and Belgian military images from the October 1914 Battle of the Yser.

As important as it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if some newsreel viewers were mostly interested in the little puppy at the end of the film.

A hundred years ago, like today, it is often the small stories that people connect with and remember.

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