This headline from 1912 still works in 2014

The New York Times

TimesMachine featured a headline on Tuesday that you just might read online today, except it’s from 1912. Here’s a screenshot:

Why is this still good? It’s extraordinary, for one, but also direct. Also, it isn’t clickbait.

Some recent examples of this:

North Korea Shows Kim Jong Un Walking With Cane After Mysterious Absence, from BuzzFeed

Ebola Patient’s Dog Will Not Be Euthanized, Dallas Officials Say, from Mashable

Missing African parrot returns home after 4 years — speaking Spanish, from The Washington Post

Poynter’s NewsUniversity has a self-directed course on “Writing Online Headlines: SEO and Beyond.” There’s also the Webinar “Writing Headlines for Digital and Mobile Media,” and an upcoming headline online seminar “Web Headlines & SEO Essentials (Dec 2014).”

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from Poynter.

from WordPress

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