Here are 22 great journalism internships and fellowships for application season

For journalism students, October through January is internship application season, a pressure cooker of equal parts excitement and anxiety.

It’s our profession’s draft day. By mid-march, most of your classmates will have declared their intention to work at a journalism organization, like a prized NFL recruit putting on their team’s hat in front of a live studio audience.

Don’t get left behind. Some of the applications for the most prestigious news organizations are due in a few weeks time, so work up the courage to request that letter of recommendation, update your résumé and figure out how stamps work.

To make the process a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best journalism internships I could find on the web, many of which I applied for myself when I was in school. If you have questions about this list or know some great internships I’ve forgotten, tweet them to #POYinternlist or send me an email:

The New York Times James Reston Reporting Fellowship

Deadline: Oct. 31

Location: New York City

Pay: $1,000 per week

Description: “Beginning with the second week, the Reston Fellows start work in a section that reflects their skills and area of interest to report and write stories under the guidance of editors or senior reporters. Some stories are assigned, but fellows are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. They also participate in workshops with ranking editors and reporters. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for the fellows to stretch their journalistic skills with the help of some of the best reporters and editors in the country.”

The Washington Post

Deadline: Nov. 7

Location: Washington, D.C.

Pay: $750 per week

Description: “Our interns write articles, edit copy, take photographs, design pages and produce graphics. We treat them as staff members during their 12 weeks of employment.”

The Boston Globe

Deadline: Nov. 1

Location: Boston

Pay: $700 per month

Description: “Summer interns work as full-time employees for 12 weeks, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Interns are paid a weekly wage, and shifts vary. An intern supervisor serves as a writing coach and there are weekly meetings with editors and staff members on a range of issues and topics pertaining to journalism.”

Associated Press Global News Internship

Deadline: Not settled yet; likely the first week of January, per AP spokesman Paul Colford.

Location: Major cities throughout the world

Pay: Not listed

Description: “The summer 2014 Global News Internship is a paid, highly selective, 12-week individually tailored training program for students who are aspiring cross-format journalists. Interns must have experience and/or training in video and one other format. They will contribute to AP’s text, video, photo and interactive reporting.”

The Los Angeles Times

Deadline: Jan. 1

Location: Los Angeles, Washington D.C.

Pay: $700 per week

Description: “Interested in working with some of the best journalists around? We offer 10 weeks of intensive, hands-on experience in a region where big stories are the norm. We place interns throughout the L.A. Times: Metro/Local, Sports, Business, Features (Home, Image, Travel, Food, Mind & Body), Arts & Entertainment, Editorial Pages, Washington, D.C., bureau, Photography/Video, Data Desk, Visualization & Graphics, Design and These are paid internships and summer placements usually run from mid-June to late August.”

Google Journalism Fellowship

Deadline: Around the end of January

Location: Various journalism nonprofits throughout the United States

Pay: $8,000 for 10-weeks, plus $1,000 travel stipend

Description: “The program is aimed at undergraduate, graduate and journalism students interested in using technology to tell stories in new and dynamic ways. The Fellows will get the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to a variety of organizations — from those that are steeped in investigative journalism to those working for press freedom around the world and to those that are helping the industry figure out its future in the digital age.”

Disclaimer: I was a 2014 Google fellow.

Atlantic Media Fellowship Program

Deadline: End of February 2015

Location: Washington, D.C. and New York City

Pay: $25,000 per year, with full benefits

Description: “Atlantic Media offers high-achieving recent college graduates a unique opportunity to participate in the Atlantic Media Fellowship Program. The Program is a structured, year-long paid fellowship for top-tier talent committed to editorial-side or business-side careers in media. Each year we look forward to our new class of Fellows, who add a fresh perspective and new ideas to our company initiatives. As a digital-first company, we have experienced tremendous growth as a result of emphasis on digital initiatives, and our Fellows have been key contributors.”

The Seattle Times

Deadline: Nov. 15.

Location: Seattle

Pay: $540 per week

Description: “The Seattle Times offers paid summer internships to outstanding students pursuing a career in journalism. For 10 weeks, interns work on varied assignments and attend weekly training sessions with members of a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff. Interns receive a skill-development plan and work with a staff mentor to achieve it. Internships are open to sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students attending a four-year college or university. Applicants must have a demonstrated commitment to print and online journalism. At least one previous internship at a daily news organization is preferred, and multimedia experience is a plus.”

The Chicago Tribune

Deadline: Dec. 1

Location: Chicago

Pay: Not listed

Description: “The Chicago Tribune’s newsroom internship program seeks college juniors, seniors and graduate students for 12-week paid internships. Opportunities will be considered in all newsroom departments: metro, sports, business, graphics, copy editing, design, photo/video, entertainment, events, social media and lifestyle.”

Pulliam Journalism Fellowship

Deadline: Nov. 1

Location: Indianapolis and Phoenix

Pay: $650 per week

Description: “You’ll be a member of our newsroom, work hard and gain valuable journalism experience. You get paid, too. Our Pulliam Fellows earn $650/week for the 10-week program. You’ll also get to participate in writing workshops and learn over lunch from some of the best minds in journalism.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Deadline: Nov. 1

Location: Minneapolis

Pay:: $706 per week

Description: “The Star Tribune newsroom offers one of the best summer internship programs available in our industry. We select at least 10 candidates for paid 10-week internships each summer. The program targets college and graduate students interested in pursuing careers as reporters, copy editors/multiplatform editors, designers, photographers and multimedia producers.”

News 21 fellowship

Deadline:: Nov. 10

Location: Phoenix

Pay: $7,500 for 10 weeks (plus travel expenses)

Description: “During the summer, fellows work full time out of a digital newsroom at the Cronkite School for 10 weeks, typically beginning in mid to late May and ending in late July or early August. Fellows receive a $7,500 stipend plus travel expenses. The cost of housing is not covered, but the Cronkite School will make arrangements for university dormitory housing on ASU’s downtown Phoenix campus next to the Cronkite building.”

Wall Street Journal internship program

Deadline: Nov. 1

Location: Varies. Interns have worked in New York, Detroit and Atlanta.

Pay: $700

Description: “The Wall Street Journal is looking for interns to work in our bureaus throughout North America. Interns work closely with reporters and editors to deliver prompt, accurate reporting of news and features relevant to their beat. Applications are due by November 1 and must include a cover letter, resume and up to six published clips.”

USA Today Collegiate Correspondent Program

Deadline: The deadline for the winter program closes Nov. 11.

Location: Work from wherever you’re based, submitting articles weekly

Pay: When I participated in this program during the spring semester of 2014, pay was $350 for 16 articles.

Description: “USA TODAY’s Collegiate Correspondent Program is one of the nation’s premier journalism opportunities for college students. Those that are chosen to participate in the writing program will pitch, research and write weekly stories. Those that are chosen to participate in the visual program will receive weekly assignments, complete a semester-long project and will partner with writers to produce cohesive stories. Content produced by all correspondents will appear across all USA TODAY and Gannett platforms, including mobile and tablet.”

Disclaimer: I was a 2014 USA Today Collegiate Correspondent

Education Week newsroom intern

Deadline: No set deadline, but applicants should submit their materials before Jan. 1.

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Pay $10 per hour

Description: “Editorial Projects in Education periodically seeks a general newsroom intern for Education Week, the respected, independent newspaper of record for K-12 education. This internship offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in journalism and education policy to gain focused, supportive training and professional experience. We accept internship applications year-round.”

The Baltimore Sun’s Mary J. Corey Journalism Internship

Deadline: Fall 2014

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Pay: $575 per week, with a $1,000 housing stipend

Description: “The intern will work in the Sun newsroom as a reporter for 10-12 weeks sometime between May 15, 2015 and Aug. 31, 2015. (Exact dates will be determined mutually by the intern and Sun editors.) The intern would write daily stories in addition to a longer-term project.”

The Virginian-Pilot

Deadline: Oct. 24

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Pay: $540 per week

Description: “The Pilot will select five interns for next summer – one page designer, one copy editor, one photographer and two reporters. They will be notified by Dec. 1, 2014.”

The Forbes 2015 Early Action Editorial Internship Program

Deadline: Nov. 17

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, New York, New York, San Francisco, California.

Pay: $15 per hour

Description: “Last summer’s editorial interns wrote dozens of posts for and contributed to some of our biggest web/print packages, including the Best Colleges and Forbes 400 issues. Some wrote pieces for Forbes magazine; a few continue to write as contributors after heading back to college; others have been hired as full time staffers. Duties will include reporting, fact-checking and writing stories, as well as assisting staffers with special projects. Accepted applicants will be assigned to a desk—Leadership, Investing, etc.—and will work closely with the corresponding editors.”

Bloomberg 2015 Summer Print News Internship

Deadline: Nov. 15

Location: New York

Pay: Not listed

Description: “Bloomberg News interns will gain hands-on experience reporting for one of the world’s leading financial news services. During the 10-week program, interns will produce breaking news stories under deadline for our coverage of markets, companies, economies, and governments. Interns will focus on breaking news and beat reporting, directed toward the Bloomberg Terminal reader. Responsibilities may include pitching and writing enterprise stories, conducting exclusive interviews, and collaborating with our other media platforms.”

The San Francisco Chronicle

Deadline: Dec. 30

Location: San Francisco

Pay: $650 per week

Description:” The San Francisco Chronicle’s paid internship program is designed for upper-level students enrolled in accredited four-year colleges, currently enrolled graduate students and graduates during the 2013-2014 academic year. Internships provide realistic on-the-job training. Each intern will be paid $650 per week.”

Dow Jones News Fund summer internships

Deadline: Nov. 3

Location: Varies

Pay: $1,200 grant, plus placement with a news organization

Description: “Each program provides free pre-internship seminars and weekly salaries for at least 10 weeks. Click this link to download an internship brochure. Students are assigned to media based on academic performance, DJNF scores and news outlet requests. Interns who return to college full-time receive $1,000 scholarships.”

Hearst Journalism Fellowship

Deadline: Jan. 9

Location: Two Hearst properties over two years

Pay: Not listed

Description: “Fellows are full-fledged journalists expected to make significant, valuable contributions in a variety of roles and platforms at our top locations. They differ from regular employees in that they have an adviser to help maximize their success and everyone’s return on investment. Hearst Fellows are full-time employees of Hearst Newspapers with competitive salary and benefits, including vacation, health insurance and moving expenses. You must be able to move after one year. Fellows are responsible for their own housing.”

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