War Against War!

In 1924 Ernst Friedrich, renowned German pacifist, published one of the most effective, disturbing and controversial anti-war books of all time: "War Against War!". In it, unflinchingly brutal photographs showing the ravages of World War 1 upon the soldiers who fought in it were seen for the first time by a shocked public. The photographs were juxtaposed with ironic subtitles and typically glorified imagery that spoke of the allure and honor of battle. Banned and condemned, "War Against War!" spoke the glaring truth about "the war to end all wars" as forcefully as it speaks about the Bush administration's current war in Iraq, it's power to threaten the interests of those who wage baseless warfare for profit undiminished by time. These images, like the suppressed images of our soldiers suffering similarly in Iraq and Afghanistan, must be seen. Lest we forget...


Lest We Forget: War Against War #3