The Hun Hangár Ensemble

Here's a bit about the band:

Béla Ágoston is well known in his native Hungary. He plays clarinet, bagpipes, shepherd's pipes, viola, all manner of saxophones, and the taragoto and has worked with The Odessa Klezmer Band and Szvorák Kati among others. A inspiring figure within the Budapest music scene, known for his freedom of thought and expression.

Ferenc Kovács, a self-proclaimed ‘contemporary peasant’ and a phenomenal trumpet and violin player, is a member of the Balogh Kálmán Gipsy Cymbalom Band and the Romano Kokalo, and has played with Archie Shepp, Roscoe Mitchell, Hamid Drake and more. His solo recordings combine a Reichian approach to minimalism with a Hungarian folk influence.

Zsolt Kürtösi is an experienced upright bass player who plays the three string bass by plucking and bowing. He has considerable experience in traditional Hungarian and Transylvanian folk musics as well as Klezmer.

Balázs Unger, a young maestro of the cymbalom (a dulcimer-like instrument central to traditional Hungarian music) has played since the age of 14 in a wide variety of styles, including jazz (with the Mihaly Dresch Quartet), and Hungarian and Balkan folk.