Colophon2007 - Luxemburg - The Party

One-two (FR)

A Parisian duo that produces perfect pop songs with an electronic twist. Their music is best described as the possible result of a collaboration between The Beatles and Tiefschwartz.
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iPunx (DE)

“House-meets-punk-meets-electro-meetspop- meets-heavy-metal-meets-you.” Nobody and nothing is safe. Everything is mashed together and squeezed into something new. Old skoolers scream and shout and the industry rants and raves, but it won’t help a bit. Just give in to the mix.
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Urban Delights (UK-DE)

“Beats for the rockers and rock for the clubbers.” Energetic and wild mashups packed to the booty with hipshaking beats, grimy riffs, dirty samples and distinctive vocals. Spread the revolution.
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Planetakis (DE)

A reincarnation of german new wave described as “Nena on crack crossed with Kraftwerk on vodka”. Here comes the new German underground popduo Planetakis - Sugarcandy pop to highly energetic electropunk. Delicious.
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DJ Corrine (FR) Pink TV

All the charm of the fluffiest middle-class vulgarity. Accustomed to all the greater Parisian appointments, from Pink TV to the Scene Bastille. Music to make you shake yer stilettos.