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  • Periodicity: Quarterly
  • Language: German / English
  • Format: 240 x 300 mm
  • Circulation: 28,000
  • Price: Free
  • Web:

Founded in 2001

nowadays, when many things are permanently getting cheaper and becoming valueless, we are determined to point out the particularities of individuals, styles and products. pool – as a high-quality freemagazine with selective distribution-points – sends out a clear statement for more quality, content and aesthetic. turning away from fast-moving trends towards everlasting topics without expiry date.

the spectrum of the content is defined as an exclusive “catchment pool”, collecting stimulations from the fields of fashion, music and contemporary art up to beauty, leisure and design – in short: life & culture. pool is presenting its sophisticated content in german and english. a selected mixture of editorials and an accentuated reduced artwork of the layout is especially focusing on the conscious consumer, having a distinctive sense of style and taste. furthermore, pool is a valuable source of inspiration for decision-makers of the retail-sector.

pool acts as a link between the brand, the artist and the consumer. besides the germanspeaking area, regions like scandinavia, eastern-european countries, france and england will be included in the distribution-circle gradually. to meet the specific requirements of the readers, pool is distributed exclusively throughout selected fashion- and department-stores, urban design-bookstores and art galleries as well as designhotels, beautyspas and international events. distribution co-operations, that are based on relationships, allow to increase the tight network permanently and thereby to achieve intersectoral effects.

Articles and Interviews

Watching tv is a different kind of media and cannot be compared to reading, “feeling” magazines with your hands and senses.

What is your magazine about?
Pool is a statement for more quality and value in our times of fast-moving trends; and as the sub-title of pool describes: life&culture.

Who’s behind the project? Tell us about the founders, their backgrounds and their motivations!
The original idea of pool-magazine was created by helmut wolf – the now chief editor and publisher of the magazine. from the beginning of pool on martin weiss was accompanying the magazine as art-director and also as publisher of the magazine. barbara figl was starting her activities for pool in 2003 and is from than on acting as contact-person in terms of marketing & pr for pool. bernhard steinbach is the second art-director who is working temporarily – meaning during the production phase – for pool-magazine. Additionally there is a whole croud of journalists, lectors, translators etc. adding their part in order to let pool be what it is – a high-quality free-magazine.

How do you produce one issue? How much time do you spend on it? How big is your team?
Pool is published four times a year – in january, april, july, october therefore the production-period for one issue is around 3 months, whereas the editorial team is ongoingly collecting topics, content and inspiration for the upcoming issues. Core-team: around 15 – 20 people

What have been the important steps in the life of your magazine?
Everything’s important! but in detail: In 2002 - the foundation of pool-magazine! In 2004 – the increase of publication from 15.000 to 20.000 copies per issue. In 2005 - the presentation of the content in german and english – included in the layout – and expanding the distribution-area thereby throughout europe and increased publication of 25.000 copies per issue. In 2007 – distribution-expansion to selected hot-spots worldwide, starting: new york and tokyo

Which are the key incredients for the success of your magazine?
- a great passion for humans and life … - the fact that pool is a free-magazine - selected renowned distribution-spots throughout europe - intensive research and correct presentation of the topics and content

What are the difficulties you are confronted with? What would be “the” thing to help the magazine to improve?
Increasing publicity! – through an increase in distribution spots and co-operating with international creativity-platforms and well-known companies.

Where do you want the magazine to be in five years?
Pool being well represented at the european market and at selected spots worldwide. Pool establishing as an internationally networked platform by intensifying the work-together with our partners over the years.

Tell us about your audience! Who are the readers of your magazine?
On the one hand there are customers and visitors of the distribution-places, who spot pool and read it there or take it home with them; these people often act as opinion-leader to others in terms of purpose decision-making; but we also count “early adapters” to the pool-audiance – meaning: b-2-c On the other hand there are also the marketing and pr decision-takers of the creative industry who read pool as well as the owners and salespeople at the distribution-spots of pool – meaning: b-2-b.

Is remaining independent important to you? Is it part of the strategy?
Definitely! being independent gives us the possibility to act like we like to do. for sure it is and will be part of our strategy.

What’s your relationship with advertisement? Does it influence your content? Do you care about advertising-driven-editorials?
We see ourselves as service-oriented platform and therefore we are longing for ongoing cooperations with our partners. partners meaning: distribution-, content-, advertising … we try to serve our partners best possible in order to gain improvements for both sides.

Do you think that magazine readers still need to watch TV?
Watching tv is a different kind of media and cannot be compared to reading, “feeling” magazines with your hands and senses. Furthermore there is a sustainable aspect when reading magazines, as you can take the issue after let’s say 5 years and read the article, story, interview again … therefore pool is a good example, as it is our ambition to present time-less topics and content.

Which is your relationship with your printer? Does he play a main role in your development?
“always too late” in terms of delivering the printed, finalized copies … but all the time providing a good quality! ;-)

What do you think of your issue 01, when you look back at it?
Wow! it’s an amazing issue and compared to today’s, it only changed slightly – not meaning we didn’t follow improvements and developments, but you can see that there is a strategy and line behind the magazine which was followed from the first issue on. The constant way of working together with partners but also with people working for the magazine guarantees the straight line pool is following from the first issue on. But when thinking back of the first issue you feel like “bringing up a child” ;-)

E-mail interview from “20.9.2006”. © – Mike Koedinger Editions SA (Luxembourg)


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