Minimum 2 persons, maximum undefined, can work together. Always the persons should be from different disciplines in one workgroup. A photographer asks a journalist. Or an illustrator searches for an Art Director, etc. etc.
The workgroup is free to draw/paint/stick/write/type in the (dummy) magazine at one's discretion. Make one page, or a whole article, or the cover, or the whole magazine. Feel free, but always in collaboration with people within the workgroup.

Work on one of the distributed blank dummys or make your own, A4 size (210 x 297 mm). If you prefer to work digital, deliver pictures at 300 dpi and in RGB. Do a good retouche work on a calibrated screen before.

During Colophon2007 symposium at the Magazine store at M-real readingdesk.
By sending in your dummy (or CDrom) to
M-real Commercial Printing BA in Amsterdam
(Van Boshuizenstraat 12, NL-1083 BA Amsterdam).
Please mention Colophon magazine on the label.
it to us.


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